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Private Labels

Private Labels:

LAVA creates exquisite bespoke products and lines for key retail and corporate partners. Our bespoke and private label ranges are tailored to your brand identity, in the packaging you choose.


You can customise down to the last detail — including colour, shape, choice of wax and a signature scent.LAVA’s custom products are found enhancing interiors all over the Middle East – from restaurants and hospitality establishments to boutiques and offices.Our bespoke programme isn’t limited to candles. We also tailor other LAVA products – including diffusers, hair mists and perfumes for corporate clients.We also tailor private label collections for boutiques and retail partners.


Our retail partners enjoy special prices, products designed around their budgets and specifications, and a host of other privileges.

Find out how we can add LAVA’s unique expertise and premium ingredients to your business.