Create an exquisite atmosphere with Lava essences

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about us

Let it cool completely to maximizing the life of your candle.

More than 10 times experiments were carried out to find the fragrance in accordance with nature to the point of having to stay overnight in the dark.

about us



We are nature lovers, that's why we use environmentally friendly materials so that wax waste doesn't damage the environment


Affordable prices, even so we still prioritize quality so that at low prices you still get quality products that have been tested by our team

about us


Different from most other candles, we present a wide variety of scents and have done field research by our team to get a realistic scent.


Our candles have a long shelf life and last for 6 months from the moment you start using them so you can save on your budget

about us
about us


The life of the candle reaches 6 months since it is used and still feels the smell

about us


The aroma emitted by the candles soothes the feeling and the room is of course very durable

about us