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The Story

Established in 2016, the Emirati brand Lava is inspired by the exquisite beauty of the deserts and seas surrounding the United Arab Emirates, as well as the natural elements of the Earth. Each artisanal product exudes a royal essence; creating a luxurious, relaxing atmosphere for your interior space. Born of royal Emirati design, our luxury scented candles are meticulously crafted with care, and designed to compliment your living space whatever the décor. Create a mood with our sublime Lava Moments series, release a spirit of festivity and mystique with our popular Ramadan Collection, get carried away across far-away lands with the Amani Collection or keep things simple yet alluringly scented with our Signature Collection. Whatever the occasion, each Lava Candle is crafted to entice and enchant. Start your journey today, discover our luxurious handmade products at Lava Candles.