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CSR activities

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Activities

Born of Royal Emirati Design, we cherish our involvement with our local communities. As chandlers and artisans, we create special products to raise funds for charity, and awareness of treatable life threatening conditions.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Each Breast Cancer Awareness is meticulously crafted, with a burn time exceeding 95 hours. 50% of the proceeds of every sale go towards supporting breast cancer research and treatment.

Reclaimed candles

Our artisans press reclaimed wax from the manufacturing process into small artistic cube candles with multi-coloured hues. Born of a commitment towards sustainability, our cube candles see all sales proceeds go towards support fundraising for charities to assist those in need.

Supporting Joud

Our goal for 2020 is to raise AED 100 million for Joud, a charity supported by Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi of Ajman. Every product you purchase from our nostalgia-inspiring Verbier collection goes some way towards making a difference to others’ lives.