Wedding Candles

Discover a stunning range of wedding candles here at Lava. The candle is symbolic of many things, but perhaps the most common and powerful signification of a candle is the ability to represent love. The igniting of the flame is representative of the love felt between two people, and the slow ebbing glow of these waxen works of art portrays the warmth felt in one's heart.

Thanks to our impressive range of Lava Candles, you’re able to hone in on a scent that the couple love, or even focus on complementing a flower arrangement with a selection of fragrant, sweet-smelling candles. Among our Amani Collection, Signature Collection and Ramadan Collection you’re sure to find the right scent to mark the occasion and evoke exactly the right atmosphere on the big day.

Gifts for Your Guests

Working with us, you’re able to create bespoke scents for your special day, be that offering the ideal ambience for your ceremony or reception, or even a special gift for those nearest and dearest attendees, our unique fragrances add an element of luxury and atmosphere to any space.

Present a memento of those special memories for your guests and members of the wedding party with a scent that stirs romantic recollections of the wedding day. Our unique candles capture the occasion, whether wrapped up to appeal personally to a guest or decorated to tie in with that all important wedding colour scheme, they provide a romantic reminder of a truly special time.

For more information on our bespoke range of scented candles, call our friendly expert team on +971 6 745 6522 or email