Gifts, in whatever shape or form, need to be unique, thoughtful and personal. With a product from Lava Candles, that’s exactly what you’re purchasing. With us, your loved ones will know they’re opening something special from the moment they set eyes on our bespoke packaging. Inside, they’ll find one of our beautifully handcrafted artisan candles, and with a scent to suit each taste and evoke every memory, you can be sure this special gift is going to resonate. To ensure that we appeal to all preferences and cover all bases, we offer some brilliant gift sets so that you’re able to meet the recipient's personal style and gift them something that is truly special. Be sure to check out our 3 piece Signature Gift Set and 4 piece Signature Gift Sets for an exceptional gift that embodies the spirit of the Emirati culture and captures the aromas of the East. Should you be off on your travels and want to bring something special to your apartment or hotel room, our travel gift set is ideal. Mix-match your favourite scents for when you’re on the move and instantly instil an exuberant, elegant atmosphere wherever you unpack your bags. Each of these beautiful gifts deserves to be displayed, and so it’s only fitting that we also offer unique, bespoke marble holders to proudly show the time, effort and thought put into each and every Lava Candle, whether that’s from our stunning gift sets or our Amani, Signature and Perfect Stone collections.